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The Beer Machine Co.: Products & Services

The Beer Machine Co. manufactures brewing machines that can produce fresh brewed beers within 7 – 10 days and without additional preparation. The Beer Machine was awarded three separate patents from the United States patent office. Currently, the company offers two models. The company also manufactures beer mixes and beer machine parts and accessories.

The Beer Machine Co. products:

  • The Beer Machine - this product has the following product features
    • Draft beer dispensing tap
    • Pressure (PSI) gauge to monitor brew quality, carbonation level, and dispensing pressure
    • Carbonation unit and pressure relief system for maintaining optimal brewing conditions
    • One Brewers Select premium beer mix, yeast, CO2 cartridges, and defoamer discs
    • 2.6 gallons (10 liter ) capacity or 28-12oz servings
  • The Brewmaster - this product includes all the features of the Beer Machine plus the following:
    • Temperature gauge that displays the temperature inside the machine
    • Attachment for bottling so the beer isn’t exposed to outside air
    • 6 PET reusable bottles and caps, which are designed for carbonated beverages
    • One Brewers Select premium beer mix, yeast, CO2 cartridges, and defoamer discs
  • Beer Mixes– All natural Beer Mixes, which include brewer’s yeast made from highest quality barley malt and hops. Designed by professional brew masters and prepared and blended to tasty perfection
    • American Variety Pack - Pilsner, American (Golden) Lager and Amber Ale. Includes 3 yeast, 3 defoamer disks and 10 CO2 Bulbs
    • International Variety Pack - American/Nut Brown Ale, Dutch Lager and Canadian Red Lager. Includes 3 yeast, 3 defoamer disks and 10 CO2 Bulbs
    • Canadian Variety Pack - Canadian Light, Canadian Dark Ale and Canadian Red Lager. Includes 3 yeast, 3 defoamer disks and 10 CO2 Bulbs
    • Dutch Lager - A distinctly Dutch lager with a rich flavor and pleasant hop aroma
    • Nut Brown - A full-bodied ale, dark brown in color, with a distinctive bitterness
    • Canadian - A dark red lager that’s often compared to favorite premium beers and ales
    • Irish Stout - A traditional porter that’s similar to one of Ireland’s most famous branded beers
    • Porter - A traditional dark ale with a slightly sweet taste
    • Czech Pilsner - A natural light, gold-colored beer featuring a mild hop aroma
    • Amber Ale - A rich, malty ale with a strong hop aroma
    • Pale Ale - A light amber, mildly bitter, smooth beer
    • Golden Ale - A transparent beer of golden color, featuring a weak off-flavor of hop
    • Golden Lager - A light-bodied golden beer with a slight hop background
    • Vienna - An amber beer with a robust malt character taste that’s often compared to the traditional Oktoberfest Marzen beers
    • Scotch Ale - A rich caramel blend that’s well-balanced with a mild hop
    • Pilsner - A light golden beer with a mild hop aroma
    • Canadian Light - A North American lightly hopped beer with a distinctive malty flavor made famous by maritime brewers
    • Golden Light - A golden light beer with a dry aftertaste and a medium hop character
    • Canadian Dark Ale - A creamy dark ale that’s often preferred for its smooth distinctive taste
  • Parts and Accessories
    • Brewery upgrade kit for bottling beer
    • Extra bottles and caps
    • Packages of CO2 bulbs
    • Defoamer disks
    • Main seals
The Beer Machine Co.: Company Background

The Beer Machine Co.'s Beer Machine product was developed in 1985 by Dr. Michael J. Lewis. Over the years, the company continues to research and consult other brewing experts and in November of 1989, they came up with a unique and simplified brewing process and finally introduced their premier product, the Beer Machine.

Beer Machine Co. contact information:

  • Address - 1105 Terminal Way, Suite 202 Reno, NV 89502
  • Telephone Number - 1-800-663-2739
  • Fax Number - 1-877-373-5117
The Beer Machine Co.: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The Beer Machine Co.'s customers gave a mixed rating of their premier brewing product. Some have rated it as excellent and it does what it is advertised while some has given negative remarks. It was given an average star rating of 2.1 out of 5 by customers at While customers at has rated the Beer Machine an average of 3 out of 5 stars. Over at, it was given a 4.8 out of 5 stars by customers.  

Excerpts of customers' reviews:

From New Brewer - "Bought this Beer Machine Brew Master for my brother. You will probably be a little nervous about mucking things up. So be sure to read through the instructions fully - a couple of times. The assembly, pressure test and cleaning take about 45 minutes the first time. The next bit could not be easier. Just add 1/3 water, add beer mix, top to line with water, then add yeast from the sachet and put the lid on. That's it! Your own micro brewery should ferment quietly for 3 days, then stick it in the fridge for 5 days or so and the beer is ready. Personally I really enjoyed the whole process. I tasted the beer on day 3 to check the sweetness - if you brew it totally dry the bitterness of the hops can be really strong. This is a real living beer - the flavour is quite different from the pasteurized bottled beers. Personally I think the results from the beer machine are much better with foods."

From John Walrath - "I have made 3 batches with it and everyone has come out perfect. Just add the mix water and a packet of brewers yeast and even a small packet of baking yeast will work. Its easy no mess and you don't need to add any sugar unlike its lower priced ugly cousin Mr. beer. The only recommendation I have is when you pour half of it with water then add the mix stir it untill almost dissolved then add more water. Make sure it’s a little warmer than room temperature. A lot of it will dissolve. Then add the yeast and wait about 5 days then put it in the fridge for 10 and it will be perfect."

From Paladine - "I wanted so much to love my beer machine it looks great and it was simple to start producing what turned out to be a disgusting pond coloured brown water with an odd beer like taste. The beer just wont clear. I would suggest 4 can bought from the Tesco own brand range would taste better and be cheaper per pint."

The Beer Machine Co.: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The Beer Machine Co. is not accredited by the United States Better Business Bureau (BBB) but it has given the company a B+ rating. BBB also reported that there were two complaints filed and closed against the company in the last three years. Their website does not mention any awards or certifications they have received, but their signature product, the Beer Machine has been featured in the March 1995 issue of the Popular Mechanics.

The Beer Machine Co.: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The Beer Machine Co. has a global rank of 917,420, a United States rank of 267,463 and a total of 142 external sites linking to it according to the three-month Alexa traffic ranking. Site Analytics Compete reported that The Beer Machine Co. has a total of 3,013 monthly unique visitors which translates into a 390,000 ranking in unique visitors. It has a Google PageRank of four out of possible ten (4/10).

The Beer Machine Co.: Social Media Presence

The Beer Machine Co. does not have any social media pages listed at their website. However, the company as of this time, operates and maintains a Customer Resources page which has the following important articles like Assembly and Brewing Guide, A Frequently Ask Questions page, Brewing Phase page, Customizing your Beer page and the Brewmaster's Course. They also some videos uploaded in YouTube.

The Beer Machine Co.: Website Security & Safety

The Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page for The Beer Machine Co. shows that the site is not currently listed as suspicious and there were no suspicious content found and has never hosted malicious software in the past 90 days. The site also uses a standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption when transmitting data over the internet to secure their customer's personal and credit card information.

The Beer Machine Co.: Pricing & Packages

The Beer Machine Co.'s prices are slightly higher than some other brands offering the same kind of brewing machines. The advantage of The Beer Machine is that they offer patented products that uses a unique and simplified brewing process. The Beer Machine automatically controls CO2 levels, and this CO2 level can be controlled, using supplied cartridges, to enhance the natural carbonation and the beer head.

The Beer Machine Co.'s prices of their products:

  • The Beer Machine - US$114.95; CAD$119.00; AUS$139.99; £88.99
  • The Brewmaster - US$134.95; CAD$134.00; AUS$149.99; £114.00
  • Beer Mixes
    • American Variety Pack - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • International Variety Pack - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Canadian Variety Pack - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Dutch Lager - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Nut Brown - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Canadian - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Irish Stout - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Porter - US$26.25; CAD$29.50
    • Czech Pilsner - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Amber Ale - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Pale Ale - US$26.25; CAD$29.50
    • Golden Ale - US$26.25; CAD$29.50
    • Golden Lager - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Vienna - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Scotch Ale - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Pilsner - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Canadian Light - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
    • Golden Light - US$26.25; CAD$29.50
    • Canadian Dark Ale - US$32.95; CAD$38.50
  • Parts and Accessories
    • Brewery upgrade kit for bottling beer - US$29.95; CAD$32.50
    • Extra bottles and caps - US$24.95; CAD$26.25
    • Packages of CO2 bulbs - US$6.50; CAD$7.25
    • Defoamer disks - US$1.80; CAD$2.25
    • Main seals - US$9.95; CAD$11.50
The Beer Machine Co.: Shipping Rates & Policies

The Beer Machine Co.'s shipping rates will be computed at checkout. The company ships in the United States of America and select international destinations by using their international sites in Canada, United Kingdom and an online store in Australia. Shipping method in the United States is either via FedEx Home Delivery (3-4 days delivery) or via USPS Parcel Post (4-6 days delivery). Customers can also contact customer service line at 1-800-663-2739, weekdays from 8:30am to 5:00pm PT to find the closest store that sells The Beer Machine.

The Beer Machine Co.: Payment Methods Accepted

The Beer Machine Co.'s. online store accepts all major credit cards as a form of payment for their products. Accepted credit cards are Visa credit card, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Carte Blanche, Australian Bankcard, Discover/Novus, Maestro/Switch, Solo, enRoute and Visa Electron. The company as of this time does not accept payments through PayPal, EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT and QPass.

The Beer Machine Co.: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The Beer Machine Co. is offering a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee on their Beer Machine product. If a customer is in any way not satisfied with the product, the customer must contact the company within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the original purchase price less shipping charges. Customers are advised to first call the company's customer service at telephone number 1-800-663-2739 to get an authorization number and then ship the machine back. Once the company receives the returned product, they will immediately process the refund.

The Beer Machine Co.: Product images & screenshots
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